The Power of Dark
The University of Sydney
Semester 1, 2014
DECO1100 - Digital Design Studio
Created by Christopher Simpson & Nicola Winter
Project Background
The Power of Dark explores the impact of light pollution on city landscape. Currently, metropolitan night skies are being overpowered by inefficient lighting design. Our film reveals the hidden beauty of the natural night sky.
The Digital Wall Film was Created by Christopher Simpson & Nicola Winter with the assistance of Dasha Yurovskaya & Annabelle Pound the film was first shown in 'The Living Mall' at Central Park, Sydney, under 'The 7mm Pitch Digital Wall Curatorial Programme' in June 2014.
"The Power Of Dark" - Digital Wall Film
'The Power of Dark' - On Screen in 'The Living Mall'
This shows the film playing as part of the 'The Living Mall' in Central Park, Sydney, Australia. 
"The Power Of Dark" - The Making of
Created by Annabelle Pound & Dasha Yurovskaya with the assistance of Christopher Simpson & Nicola Winter this film show's the story behind the creation of the short film 'The Power of Dark.'
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